Playground Buddies

by School Trips

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Recorded in Rob's gaff.

All music written by School Trips.

School Trips is:

Rob Glithero - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Liam Lambert - Guitars, Melodica, Glockenspiel, Vocals


released June 30, 2017

Guest vocals and tambourine from Sam Pickering, Josh Finnerty, Cameron Coleman, Elliot Buddo

Artwork by Grumpea Illustration



all rights reserved


School Trips York, UK

Jaunty folkpunk from Lincoln/York, UK.

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Track Name: 360 No Hope
Sat up in your chair last night and I didn't sleep a wink
We drank too many tinnies and I puked in your bathroom sink
I feel like we're breaking all the rules, but shit it feels so good
I just want to tell you but I don't know if I should

I just hope everything's gonna be okay
One more drink I think I'll go insane
I hope this is worth the pain
One more drink I think I'll go inane

Laid atop my bed last night, alone and fully clothed
No matter how many times I check, you still haven't text my phone
Life is shit and that's a fact I've wasted years I won't get back
Think I'll call my friends when I get home
(When I get home)

You treat my like I'm the only one
And I dream about what we could become
But your boyfriend just followed me on Twitter
And day by day, things are getting shitter for me

You mother me like I'm your son
But when we're together we always have fun
I know I don't have money but I've got a few mates
If you don't mine I'd like to take you on a date
I'd like to take you on a date

I know if I was him I'd hate my guts
And I know I'm just bored and stuck in a rut
It's not even like I'm trying to best him
The way you act makes me fucking detest him

I hope things will get better soon
Track Name: Stay In School
I wake up at noon now everyday
Hoped that life would turn out some completely different way

Struggling to feel for something real
It's not fulfilling sitting in and eating children's cereal

I'm prepared for heavy rain and fog
Prepared to spend more time inside the unemployment bog

I forgive the world for its mistakes
For overthinking small talk and the firmness of a handshake

So stay in school
Back when somebody still thought that being kind was cool
So stay at home
If home is where the heart is then mine needs some renovation
I feel lost within myself and I could use direction

So stay in school
Stay in school